Seniority Plaque to Genç Değirmen Employees

Remzi Mert Selek, our chairman of the board of directors, presented a plaque to the employees, including managers and chiefs, who have completed 15 years in the Genç Değirmen family. There was a feeling of pride and happiness together at the plaque ceremony.

Remzi Mert Selek started his speech before the ceremony by congratulating his colleagues. Stating that they have been working together for at least 15 years, Selek said, “We tried to convey our experiences together in order to add something in an established institution with certain rules. We all have only one job and that is to take the Genç Değirmen family one step further. Although our responsibilities are different, this company belongs to all of us.” At the end of his speech, Selek said, “I would like to thank my friends who have worked for our institution for 15 years. I hope we will spend many more years with health, happiness, peace and success. And together, we will see that this company is further ahead”.

After the speeches, the plaque was presented. Employees who completed their 15th year at Genç Değirmen, who were invited to the stage one by one, received their plaques and shared their feelings and thoughts with their colleagues. Genç Değirmen employees, who did not go unnoticed with their excitement, experienced emotional moments and pleasant moments together during the ceremony. The plaque program ended with a group photo shoot.

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