GMach News 300 TPD Capacity Flour Mill is Started to Running in Mitrovic, SERBIA

Genç Değirmen, one of the leading companies of the milling industry, produces solutions for the needs of its investors during the sales and after-sales support phase and ensures that it reaches products with quality service. Genç Değirmen who works with Gmach brand, gave it's signature of Serbian most modern and highest capacity flour mills.

Genç Değirmen now continues its successful journey in Balcan Region by signing a new high-capacity turnkey mill project in Serbia. Genç Değirmen – Gmach succesfully delivered the 300 ton/day Wheat Processing Capacity Flour Mill to Zitopromet Mlinpek D.O.O company on Mitrovica.

Genç Değirmen successfully delivered a turnkey mill with a daily wheat processing capacity of 200 tons in 2018 to Zitopromet Mlinpek D.O.O., who is working on flour trade and agricultural activities in Serbia for many years. And then succesfully commissioned its 300 Tons/Day Wheat Processing Capacity Flour Factory in 2020.


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